So, to love a succulent is to know a succulent. Creating the right environment for them to grow happy and strong is key. We have taken care of the container requirements, so all you have to focus on is the light, temperature and water.

Here are some tips on creating the right environment:



In-direct light is always the best. The leaves of each succulent are delicate, and while you want them to have a ton of light, you don’t want to scorch them with the sunshine. That’s what makes them great house plants!

If light can reach them they will survive. (Keep in mind that light bulbs don’t give off the correct light waves for them to go through photosynthesis). So, if your bathroom doesn’t have a window, make sure it can get sunlight shining in from across the hall. If you have window sills that you would like to decorate with these little guys, just adjust your watering habits because they will need more water than the ones that only get in-direct sunlight.


They require very little water and plenty of sunlight. That’s the environment that we have created for each one of our Succas.



Here at Happy Little Succas, we use a combination of special rocks and quick-dry soil to keep from overwatering your newest little friend!

We will give them a good drink before they are shipped to you, so make sure you give them at least 4 days before watering again. All plants do become stressed when introduced into a new environment and the trip to you may be hard on them. Just let them relax into their new environment before watering for the first time. Again, AT LEAST 4 DAYS. 

You don’t want water sitting at the bottom of your planter, and since most of our planters don't have water-release holes at the bottom, this point is crucial. Our rule of thumb is to water once a week!

Over-watering Signs


If your Succa has too much water sitting at the bottom of its container, it can develop root rot and cause your Succa to drown. You will see that the stems turn blue and everything starts to wither.  Other signs of over-watering are the leaves falling off at the slightest touch -- that means it is holding too much water to hang on tight.

Under-watering Signs


Watch for leaves that begin to wither or turn brown. This condition usually starts at the bottom leaves. If you notice this happening, don’t panic, just adjust its weekly watering from every 7 days to every 5 days.



Most succulents have a strong hardiness rating, but harsh temperature changes can add unneeded stress to your succulent.


While we raise them as houseplants you may want to take yours outside.  If you do, make sure that the temperature doesn’t drop below 50 degrees Fahrenheit during the night. And remember that they flourish more in indirect light, so put them somewhere that gets shade as well as full sun.


Also, more humid weather causes healthier growth. So, in the winter the air is less humid and will slow their growth. Change your watering habits accordingly.  Extend it by a few days during the less humid months. (ie, summer = every 7 days, winter = every 10 days) because your Succa will not need as much water to stay hydrated.



When given the perfect conditions, some succulents like to thank you with a beautiful flower. If you receive this gift from your Succa, please send us a picture so we can celebrate with you!


If you are concerned about at-home care methods, we would love to talk it through with you and make sure your Succa is happy, healthy and strong. When given the right conditions, they have the potential to last for many years to come!

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